PROJECT 442: Purchase & Tear Down
This is how she looked when I picked her up.  Pretty good for her age.  
Some quarter panel issues I'll have to deal with, but not bad.  Who ever did
the paint job put the 442 front bumper sticker on the wrong side.  The most
important thing is she's all stock and all the parts are there. I bought the car
and drove 12 hours straight to get back home.  She drove like a dream!!
Home sweet home.  This is where all the work will take place, on my side of
a two car garage.  I will remove the frame, replace the entire drive train, do
all the suspension and brake work, etc etc.  I've already started getting the
pieces and parts needed to get going.
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OK.  She looks good, and fun to drive too. Let's tear it apart!
New Video!!
87 Olds 442 Price :   $5845.00
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