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PROJECT 442: Side Projects
This is a Steering Shaft out of an early 90's Jeep Cherokee (94 I think).  The guys
over at have been doing this swap for years.  It gets rid of  
that GM rag joint and gives you a nice U-Joint on both ends.  I picked mine up  
for $50 from my local salvage yard.
While I wait to get some welding done on the body, I thought I would show you a
few other things I'm getting done.  I'll be posting a few pics of items I've gotten
that will go with the next phase of the build - Steering and Suspension.
Here's a pic of the Custom Driveshaft Loop ($35) and Rear Pinion Snubber ($23)
I picked up from
Kirban Performance.  As you may know, many parts from the
different G-Body cars (BOP and Chevy) are interchangeable.  Thank you Grand
National!  That car has a lot of performance parts made for it.  Many of them fit
my 442 as well.
I will be using Bilstein shocks for my build ($256).  I like the shocks, but the color
(yellow and light blue) just doesn't match with the rest of the suspension.  I'm
going with very subdued colors for the under body (cast iron grey, black, cast
aluminum).  I sanded them until the paint was flat and shot them with Dupli-Color
Cast Coat Iron.  I also used a universal shock boot.  Here is a before and after pic.
This is the torn down Power Steering Gear Box.  I had to do a full rebuild because   
of some bad seal leaks.  This Steering Gear Box came out of a 1985 Monte Carlo SS.  
It's the coveted 12.7:1 Constant Ratio Gear Box.

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This is a series of pictures showing the restoration and modification of the Olds 442
Rally Gauge Cluster
I use a 1/4 nut driver to remove the screws holding the lens and gauge cover to the
I use the same 1/4 nut driver to remove the
individual gauges from the cluster housing.