PROJECT 442: Body Shell Restoration
Back to work on the car itself.  I outline the steps I intend to do to  
resolve the rusted body bolt sheet metal in the rear of the car.
I remove the entire interior from the Olds 442. This includes the Bucket
Seats, Center Console, Rear Seat, and Carpet
I remove the front and rear glass trim on the 442 and pull the door glass.
I pull the Quarter Glass on both sides and Brace the Door openings for
the Rotisserie.
 Finally, no more rolling around on the floor on my back!
I get the 442 up on the rotisserie and show another shot of the frame.  I
talk a little about the mounting points of the body to the rotisserie.
Cutting out the rusted passenger side torque box.  What a rusted piece
of crap that was.  You will also see the crap body work someone did to
slap new paint on it.
More on removing the rusted metal on the passenger side trunk
extension and trunk floor drop off.
 I also go over some of the tools I
used to do it.
Fitting the new rear seat cross member bracket I picked up from
I seal and paint the under side of the 442.  It's getting close to putting the
frame and the body back together!